Innovating and driving energy tranformation

Innovation is another powerful driver at Soltec, because no innovation means no evolution

Inherent innovation

We pioneered the introduction, development and commercialization of different types of solar tracking technologies, such as single-axis trackers, self-powered trackers or bifacial trackers.

Our innovation has contributed to optimizing solar plants through the use of advanced algorithms and wireless communications systems, amongst other.

This desire to develop more efficient and sustainable products has allowed us to hold a strong competitive position and to be a technological benchmark within the industry. We keep innovating.


We create value in our activity through the impulse of new technologies based on renewable energies and digitization.

La innovación es uno de los pilares fundamentales de Soltec

Aurora, the dawn of a sustainable world

In Aurora we support start-up companies with technological solutions which can help us to boost renewable energies, especially solar.