SFOne solar tracker, adaptability and efficiency in every photovoltaic project

SFOne, the dual-row single-axis solar tracker designed for 72 and 78 cell modules, represents the cutting edge of photovoltaic solutions. Thanks to its self-powered system and innovative wireless communication, SFOne sets new standards in efficiency and terrain adaptability. Discover how it can transform your PV project.

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Producto SFOne de Soltec

The Soltec 1P solar tracker

SFOne solar tracker stands out as the comprehensive solution for solar energy projects that demand not only unprecedented adaptability to challenging terrains, but also superior efficiency and operational performance. This tracker combines mechanical simplicity with Soltec’s outstanding experience of more than 20 years.

Specially designed for larger 72 and 78 cell modules, this dual-row single-axis solar tracker combines advanced engineering with cutting-edge technologies such as the Full Wireless System and the Open Thread network for wireless communication.Its TMS is built-in for total PV plant control and achieves the lowest latency communication in the market.

Its self-powered capability thanks to its dedicated panel and optimized structure for quick and easy installation significantly reduces operating and maintenance costs, while its low visual impact design integrates with any environment.

With SFOne, PV projects not only achieve unprecedented energy efficiency, but also enjoy versatility and ease of management.

Features that enhance your PV project

Discover what makes SFOne unique.

Proyecto fotovoltaico con el producto SFOne tracker de Soltec

Dy-WIND: Wind? No problem

Dy-WIND is the most advanced design methodology for solar trackers. Wind will not be a problem thanks to this technology implemented by Soltec and certified by RWDI and CPP WIND.

The Dy-WIND methodology also features the self-stow system to adopt the safest position autonomously in strong wind episodes.

TeamTrack™: zero shadows, maximum power

TeamTrack is Soltec’s algorithm that allows you to get the most out of your solar plant by avoiding shading and capturing sunlight all day long. Thanks to this tracking algorithm you can get up to 6.2% more gain to your project.

By automatically adjusting the orientation and angle of the solar panels in real time, we can optimize their position in relation to the sun at every moment of the day. This ensures that the panels are always exposed to the maximum possible solar radiation, minimizing shading losses and thus improving the overall efficiency of the plant.

Diffuse Booster: diffuse radiation also counts

This algorithm implemented by Soltec allows you to maximize the performance of your solar plant also when it is cloudy and capture up to 5.2% more energy.

This tracking algorithm allows you to adjust the panels in such a way that you can take advantage of all the diffuse radiation scattered among the clouds and increase solar generation even on cloudy days.