Corporate governance and transparency

Ethics and good work should come from the management team and permeate throughout the organization.

Good Practices as an example

Soltec applies a rigorous compliance program to ensure all company activities are carried out under the highest standards of integrity and ethics, fighting against corruption and fraud and ensuring respect for human rights at all times.

Promoting dialog and transparency through consultation and communication channels with stakeholders in order to address their needs and requirements.

Human rights

Soltec and its collaborators are committed to the promotion and realization of human rights, and fully support the UN’s Universal Declaration.

We ask suppliers to show our same level of support and commitment to the protection of human rights, and to comply with the highest legal and ethical standards set out in our Procurement Policy.

Corporate Compliance

We want all our employees to act with integrity in their daily business activities, including corporate governance, operations and supply chain proceedings, amongst other, as well as adhering to basic responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and the fight against corruption.

The company is also committed to a policy of zero tolerance with regard to business fraud, bribery and corruption, either by its employees or by collaborators.

Thus, we work to incorporate the best Governance practices and promote a type of management that ensures compliance with ethical practices across all activities. In this sense, we developed a Corporate Compliance program consisting of management tools which guarantee compliance with legal requirements and business ethics at all times.

Good governance and transparency


Our continuous search for excellence is reflected in our certifications. We are committed to high standards of quality and sustainability in all departments of our company.

Our organization

At Soltec we have always believed that our true energy is the people who make up this great project.

That is why we strive to provide an enriching work environment for everyone.

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