Local economies

At Soltec, convinced that the Sun should shine on everyone, we are committed to the wellbeing of the local communities surrounding our operations.

People, our utmost commitment

We are convinced that photovoltaic plants are a growth and development opportunity for the municipalities and communities where they are installed. They are drivers for the local economy by stimulating employment and boosting existing economic activity.

That allows us to create employment in the communities where we operate, prioritizing the procurement of local goods and services, and seeking to reinvest solar plant profits back into the neighborhoods.

Through our Foundation and various donations and sponsorships, we collaborate in the development and dissemination of renewable energies.

Hiring and training in disadvantaged communities

We are strongly committed to hiring local labor, especially when projects are located in rural or deprived areas with high unemployment.

Our projects generated 1,697 local jobs in 2022, providing labor opportunities to community members. We are also firm believers in education as a key pillar to improving the skills and knowledge of our local employees. For this reason, we deliver free training courses not only in renewable energy, but also in other trades potentially benefiting the communities where we operate.

Once projects have been completed, we offer long-term contracting opportunities to employees who have demonstrated outstanding performance. At Soltec, we strive to reinforce the commitment of our company to the well-being and development of local communities surrounding our operations

Global volunteer service

Soltec makes significant efforts to roll out corporate voluntary work and to support projects which meet specific site needs, as long as their aim is to generate a positive environmental and social impact on local communities.