Sustainable business since its inception

Soltec’s activity, sustainable since its conception in 2004, has a firm purpose: to create a clean, sustainable and fair world through energy.

Proyecto fotovoltaico que genera energía limpia para las comunidades locales

Our business model

Soltec has strengthened its commitment to vertical integration through an integrated, sustainable and innovative business model.

In this way, we are committed to accompanying the client in all stages of the project: from the study of the land and layouts to the commissioning of the plant.

Transversal communication between the three main business units guarantees efficiency and coordinated operation in each phase of the project, allowing us to meet deadlines and deliver exceptional results.

Life cycle of a photovoltaic plant

Our organization

At Soltec we have always believed that our true energy is the people who make up this great project.

That is why we strive to provide an enriching work environment for everyone.

Instalaciones de Soltec

Our purpose

Soltec was born with the purpose of creating a clean, sustainable and fair world based on efficient photovoltaic energy production. To achieve this, since its inception Soltec has been committed to leading the global photovoltaic energy market, offering reliable solutions through the most advanced technology.

Soltec encourages its suppliers, customers and employees to share this vision and is committed to developing environmental and sustainability actions that disseminate these values.

Shareholders and investors

In Soltec we have almost 20 years of history becoming an integrated leader in the solar photovoltaic industry, adapting our business model to a changing environment to maximize value creation.

Proyecto fotovoltaico a gran escala