Cookie Policy

The present website of Soltec Power Holdings S.A. (“Soltec”) uses cookies, both our own and of third parties. With these, we try to improve your user experience and show you publicity adapted to your browsing habits.

If you browse through Soltec’s website it is understood that you will have previously accepted the use of cookies in the conditions laid down in the present Cookies Policy, which are detailed below. Given that the said policy can be updated periodically, based on new legal or regulatory demands or with the purpose of adapting the said policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish agency for data protection, we recommend you to look through it regularly.

If you have any doubt regarding the Cookies Policy which is detailed below, get in touch with us at:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are automatically inserted in those telematics devices used by the user for visiting a website. These downloaded files can store data that can be updated and recovered by the party responsible of its installation. These files make it possible to know the user’s behaviour when browsing through with statistical purposes for improving the service and adapting it to the user’s preferences. The cookies are associated to the browser only and do not provide personal data by themselves. Cookies cannot harm the device and moreover they are very useful for they help us identify and solve errors.

Third party cookies

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics which is an advertising analysis tool developed by Google which primarily allows Soltec to know how users interact with its website.

Likewise, a number of cookies are enabled and used for collecting anonymous information which makes it possible to create website trends reports without identifying users individually. The purpose is to guarantee the continuity of the service and to make improvements to the website.

In the event that the User prevents the creation of cookies it might happen that not all the functions of the site can be used fully and without limitations.

The collection and storage of the IP address and the data created by the cookies can be cancelled any time with effects in the future. Here you can find the necessary browser plug-in:

You can disable the use of data from Google Analytics by clicking on this link. Next, an Opt-Out-Cookie will be enabled and block the use of your data when visiting this website.

Analysis cookies

Name of the cookiePredetermined durationDescription
__utmaTwo years since the configuration or updateIt is used to differentiate users and sessions.
__utmt10 minutesIt is used to limit the percentage of requests
__utmb30 minutes since the configuration or updateIt is used to determine new sessions or visits
__utmcEnd of the browser sessionPreviously, this cookie acted together with the cookie __utmb in order to determine whether the user was on a new session or visit,
__utmzSix months after the configuration or updateIt storages the traffic source or the campaign that explains how the user has arrived to the site.


YouTube cookies

  • CONSENT, GPS, IDE, NID, PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC: In some parts of our website we have YouTube videos embedded, and therefore these cookies are generated in order to analyse the videos embedded, to see the bandwidth, the number of reproductions and more YouTube services.
    Some of these cookies expire with the session whereas other can last from 6 months to 2 years.
  • PHPSESSID: This cookie is used by the scripting language PHP to allow the SESSION variables to be stored in the web server. It is a technical cookie.

Accepting the cookies policy

When login in on Soltec the User receives information about the cookies policy and use through a “banner” located on the lower part of the web page. When presented with this information the User can take the following actions:

  • Accept. This notification will not be shown again when visiting any page of the web portal during the present session.  This means that the User gives their express and unequivocal consent to the use of cookies under the terms and conditions laid out in this Policy.
  • Close. The notification will be hidden from the present page but will be shown again on the upper part of the any other page that may be visited.

This is without prejudice to the measures of configuration, disablement and removal of the cookies that the User may adopt and which are mentioned in the next section.

How to modify the cookies settings?

The user can restrict, block or delete the cookies used on the website by setting the browser accordingly. For more related information, we advise you to visit the following links:

Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings

On the tool menu select ‘Internet options’. Click on the privacy tab. You will see the moving cursor for privacy configuration which has six positions that allow you to control the amount of cookies that will be installed.  Block all the cookies, High, Medium High, Medium (default level), Low and Accept all the cookies.

For more information you can refer to Microsoft support or the browser Help.


Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Custom Settings

In the tools menu, select ‘options’ Select the privacy tab on the options box. From the drop down menu choose ‘use custom settings for history’. This will show the cookies options and you will be able to enable or disable them by ticking the corresponding box.

For more information you can refer to Mozilla support or the browser Help.


Settings > Show Advanced Options > Privacy > Content Settings

On the settings menu choose ‘show advanced settings’ on the lower part of the page. Next, select the key ‘content settings’ on the privacy section.

The section which appears on the upper part of the page gives you information about cookies and allows you to set the cookies that you want. It also allows you to delete any cookie that you may have stored at that moment.

For more information you can refer to Google support or the browser Help


Preferences > Security

On the settings, select the option ‘preferences’ Open the privacy tab.  Select the option that you want from the section ‘block cookies’. Remember that certain functions and the full functionality of the Site might not be available after disabling the cookies.

For more information you can refer to Apple support or the browser Help.