Sustainable photovoltaic development on a global scale

We combine experience and innovation to promote the development of sustainable and environmentally integrated photovoltaic projects, maximizing the social and economic benefits in the locations where we operate.

Proyecto fotovoltaico desarrollado por Soltec

Experience and innovation

We have highly qualified local teams in each of the countries where we operate and develop our projects.

In this way, we can work closely with local communities and ensure that each project is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each location.

In addition, this allows us to have a perfect understanding of local and environmental regulations, which helps us to develop sustainable photovoltaic projects that contribute to efficient development and environmental protection around the world.

Unique geographies with high growth potential

With a presence in more than 20 countries on five continents, we have become a global leader in photovoltaic solutions driven by our ability to offer innovative and customized solutions to customers around the world.

Project development

We have extensive knowledge based on a unique and well-defined approach to large-scale photovoltaic projects.


We analyze and structure the financing of our projects in order to optimize the debt/equity ratio and meet the required long-term cash yields and rate of return.


We reduce risk in all aspects of potential projects in selected markets where we have a competitive advantage.

We work closely with key partners among local allies to bring projects to a fully accepted and investment-ready stage.

Proyecto fotovoltaico a gran escala construído

Project engineering

Highly experienced teams specialized in each stage of the process allow us to achieve the best results in the execution of each project.

We supervise the entire construction process to achieve the highest standards of environmental quality and integration with the environment.

Trabajos de ingeniería durante la construcción de un proyecto fotovoltaico