We boost the sustainability of photovoltaic plants and increase agricultural efficiency.

Planta piloto de agrovoltaica

We create tangible and enduring value

Agrovoltaics not only represents a sustainable solution for clean energy generation and agriculture, but also creates significant additional value.

By combining food production and renewable energy generation in a single system, synergies are generated that enhance economic and environmental performance by integrating two key industries for sustainable development and biodiversity protection.

Our local presence and commitment to sustainable development enables us to work closely with local authorities and communities to identify specific needs and maximize the positive impact on the territory. By creating added value at the local level, agrovoltaics becomes a source of sustainable economic growth and improves the quality of life of the communities in which we operate.

Our SF7 tracker tailored to optimize renewable energies and agriculture

With the integration of our SF7 solar tracker, we provide our customers with a complete, high-performance solution.

Our advanced and adapted technology allows us to offer a differentiated value proposition, maximizing the added value both in terms of energy efficiency and agricultural productivity.

Planta fotovoltaica integrada en el entorno paisajístico


Discover what makes Agrovoltaica unique.