17 January 2024

Soltec unveils its new SF7 solar tracker designed for the American market

Soltec SF7 USA solar tracker
  • This launch redefines solar trackers with its high versatility, adaptability to terrain, and faster, more efficient installation
  • With this launch, the company reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in the solar energy industry

Soltec, a vertically integrated company dedicated to photovoltaic projects with solar trackers, announces the launch of its new SF7 USA solar tracker, specially designed for the American market. The SF7, already known its versatility, adaptability to terrain, and ease of installation, is further improved for US clients because Soltec sought every possible angle to cut installation processes in the field, reduce pile counts and other parts and pieces and streamline the design to acheive both a lower cost and faster install than the competition.

The SF7 solar tracker sets new standards for efficiency and simplicity in deploying photovoltaic energy systems. It stands out for its unique ability to adapt to various terrains, making it the most suitable choice for projects in areas with irregular slopes and space constraints. With mounting tolerances ranging from 20 to 40 inches, this solar tracker can be customized to fit challenging spaces, it can be installed on slopes of up to 17%.

Soltec’s terrain adaptability combined with straightforward installation eliminates most of the need to perform cut and fill on site to install the trackers, which is a major cost driver in PV plants. Since Soltec pre-assembles most components, the installation of the product has very few steps, and locating the parts and peices needed at each step is quick and foolproof. All of this results in substantial savings in both time and financial resources.

The tracker features an innovative electronic system that incorporates wireless communication designed to withstand low temperatures. Additionally, through advanced algorithms, it ensures maximum energy production in every solar installation through the TeamTrack system, which delivers up to 6.8% more yield, a function that minimizes shading losses between rows, especially on uneven terrain. Furthermore, efficiency is guaranteed through bifacial tracking, optimizing its position considering both sides of the module.

The new solar tracker also incorporates Diffuse Booster technology, which maximizes production and allows for optimal energy generation, even on cloudy days, by capturing diffuse radiation. Additionally, with the Dy-WIND methodology, solar tracker response to wind is ensured, preventing damage to the plant during heavy precipitation.

Related to protection against adverse weather phenomena, the tracker includes a Soltec-designed algorithm for hail defense. This groundbreaking algorithm, aimed at better protecting solar modules, ensures a rapid response to any this type of hazard, reinforcing the installation’s resilience without compromising its efficiency.

For Colin Caufield, VP of Sales North America, “this innovative solar tracker, specifically designed for the United States, represents an improvement in energy production efficiency, by simplifying the installation process and reducing and optimized maintenance costs. Like the launch of the SFOne USA, it can be locally manufactured, reflecting our strong commitment to sustainability and support for American socio-economic development. It is a strategic market for us, and we want to be more than a technology provider, positioning ourselves as agents of change towards an energy-independent United States,” he added.

With this launch, Soltec reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in the solar energy industry, taking a step forward towards a sustainable and efficient future. By choosing SF7, there are not only benefits related to high-performance solar energy production but also cost savings through simplified installation with outstanding adaptability to the terrain.

More information about the Soltec solar tracker can be found on the SF7 USA solar tracker product webpage.

The SF7 USA solar tracker can also be seen in action in the following video: https://youtu.be/2QqjE46MHsQ