17 September 2021

Powertis enters Denmark and commits to Agrovoltaics

  • At the end of the first quarter in 2021, the company had 150 MW in the pipeline of developing projects in Denmark. This will contribute to promoting the development of farming activities in their plants through association with local companies
  • Denmark is one of the countries in Europe with the greatest potential for development of the photovoltaic industry, with the target of reaching up to 6 GW in solar energy by 2030

Powertis, company belonging to Soltec Power Holdings and specializing in large-scale photovoltaic solar projects worldwide, announced its entry in the Danish market as part of their expansion plan.

The company expects to develop a portfolio of photovoltaic projects strategically located in various regions of Denmark, with an installed power of over 150 MW. The development of these projects will contribute to fostering farming activities at the plants thanks to collaboration with local companies.

Powertis is firmly committed to Denmark, a marketplace which clearly supports the development of photovoltaic energy. Proof of this are the good expectations within the framework of the Danish Energy Agency Plan, which establishes the goal of reaching +6 GW of installed photovoltaic energy by 2030, and a total of 12 GW considering all technologies.

Pablo Otín, Powertis CEO, explained that “Denmark is a great opportunity for our company in terms of international growth and development, as it is one of the European markets with the greatest potential and a pioneer in the introduction of Agrovoltaics solar plants. We hope Powertis will be one of the companies leading the transition to an economy of zero emissions while preserving the country’s culture”.

Commitment to Agrovoltaics

Agrovoltaic plants make it possible to combine solar energy generation with the continuity of farming and livestocking activities in panel-covered terrains thanks to the use of single-axis trackers. Installation of solar tracker panels “frees” terrains from traditional, large panels “on the ground”. This largely allows the use of land for farming purposes. It is worth mentioning that this type of solar plants increases production between 20 to 30% compared to a traditional plant of fixed structures.

In line with this, Powertis expects to set up and increase their presence in the Danish market through progressive development of photovoltaic projects in different regions, complementing the generation of solar energy production with land cultivation and local commitments. This allows Powertis to continue strengthening its strategy of international expansion, with the aim to increase the pipeline of global projects which in the end of the first quarter in 2021 exceeded 6 GW including Spain, Italy and Brazil.

About Powertis

Powertis is a company specializing in photovoltaic power development for large-scale projects in Europe and Latin America. The company, founded in Murcia, belongs to Soltec Power Holding. Powertis’ mission is to promote solar development through the values of efficiency, excellence, respect for the environment, integration of local communities, as well as job creation during power plant development, structuring, financing, construction, operation and maintenance.

About Soltec Power Holdings

Soltec Power Holdings is a leading company specialized in integrated photovoltaic solar energy solutions, focusing on solar tracking systems and strongly committed to innovation.

Soltec Power Holdings, with headquarters in Murcia (Spain), was created in 2004 and operates in a variety of world areas, with a strong presence in Spain, North America and Latin America. It currently operates in 16 countries and employs over 1,207 people. Ever since its creation and until late 2021, Soltec has supplied solar trackers for projects amounting to 8.6 GW of installed capacity in the first quarter of 2021. The company is listed on Spain’s Stock Exchange since October 28, 2020 under the ticker ‘SOL’.