21 December 2020

Soltec Power Holdings has reached an agreement with AES to supply solar trackers for four projects in the USA totaling 342 MW

  • Solar trackers will be supplied during various project construction phases in 2021 and 2022.
  • Soltec continues to consolidate its position as a key renewable energy company in the United States
  • This operation highlights the positive prospects of the renewable energy industry for the coming years, despite the economic slowdown caused by the covid-19 pandemic this year

Soltec Power Holdings, company specializing in integrated photovoltaic solar energy solutions, has reached an agreement with AES for the supply of solar tracker in 2021 and 2022, with the aim to commission four projects totaling 342 MW which AES plans to develop in various US locations. This operation between Soltec Power Holdings and AES amounts to over 30.7 million dollars.

This collaboration agreement between these two energy industry leaders, reinforces the momentum of renewable energies at a worldwide level. Despite the exceptional scenario caused by the covid-19 pandemic this year and the economic slowdown resulting from it, the industry is proving its strength and confirms the good prospects and opportunities that lay ahead in years to come.

This agreement allows Soltec Power Holdings to reinforce its position in the US market, where it began to expand in 2010 and plans to develop new projects with the aim to further promote the use of photovoltaic solar energy within the American energy mix.

Raúl Morales, CEO at Soltec Power Holdings, pointed out: “We are proud of this extended agreement with AES, a tier-one partner for Soltec Power Holdings with whom we share common objectives and ideals based on the development and promotion of clean energies at a global level. We feel honored that AES chose Soltec’s technology and experience to carry out this set of projects which, undoubtedly, will play a key role in the US renewable energy market”.