21 April 2020

Soltec joins the fight against Covid-19 with the donation of healthcare material and food

  • The company will support different initiatives of the private sector to try to stop the pandemic and collaborate in the eradication of the virus
  • Since the beginning of the crisis, Soltec has donated 1,500 hydro-alcoholic solution units, 26,000 masks and more than 1,000 protective suits to the Murcia Health Service
  • The firm has also donated food and basic supplies to the Segura’s food bank

Murcia. 21 April 2020.- Soltec, the worldwide manufacturer and supplier of solar tracking equipment for photovoltaic panels, in its commitment to contribute to the well-being, sustainability and health of the communities in which it operates, has made several donations of protection and hygiene material for hospitals and healthcare centres to the Murcia Health Service. Its aim is to help, as far as possible, to mitigate the impact of Covid-19, thus joining the wave of private sector initiatives to combat the spread of the virus.

Specifically, since last March, the company has donated 1,500 units of hydroalcoholic solution, 26,000 masks and 1,000 protective suits. Furthermore, aware of the impact of the virus on the economy of vulnerable families, Soltec has delivered 960 kilos of food and basic hygiene items to the Segura’s food bank.

Soltec has also shown its support in this sense at an international level, collaborating with organizations in other countries to help in the eradication of the virus. Last January, when the health crisis began in China, the firm collaborated with the Red Cross in the Asian country with the donation of masks and protective glasses.

Given the presence of the company in different Latin American countries, Soltec’s Global Volunteer Service will collect food and basic hygiene products on a weekly basis, which will be distributed in stages to the NGOs and the most disadvantaged groups in Brazil. In addition, the company will make a donation to the NGO Aldeias Infantis SOS in the city of Lauro de Freitas, where the company is active, and which will make it possible to meet the needs of 140 families. On the other hand, Soltec is also collaborating in Chile, another of the countries affected by the pandemic and where it’ll made material donations to nursing homes and personal protection equipment (PPE).

Soltec develops its Corporate Social Responsibility actions following one of the company’s motto “Our energy is the people”, under which a large part of its business and solidarity strategy is included.

Raúl Morales, Soltec’s CEO, said: “In this situation, it is important to unite the efforts of the entire business network in collaboration with public institutions, to take advantage of our capabilities and to show solidarity with those affected. From Soltec we do everything possible to be closer than ever to all our collaborators and to offer our support to help alleviate the consequences of this virus as soon as possible in all the communities and countries where we operate”.

About Soltec

Soltec is the third largest manufacturer and supplier of solar tracking equipment for photovoltaic panels worldwide. Founded in Murcia, Soltec has a work force of more than 1,600 people and a history of 16 years as a manufacturer of complete solar tracking equipment. The company is present in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, United States, Spain, India, Italy, Israel, Mexico and Peru.