3 February 2021

AHMUR holds first assembly

  • Fostering research and implementation of renewable energy projects, as well as guiding energy transition and establishing the Region’s Green Hydrogen Valley, are the key targets of this new association
  • Andamur, Enagás, Primafrio and Soltec, leading firms in the transport, logistics and energy industries, are the main association founders and members
  • Cetenma, which is Murcia’s Energy and Environment Technology Center, provides technical guidance to the association

AHMUR, pioneer Green Hydrogen association in the Region of Murcia, recently held its first assembly. This newly-created organization aims to lead energy transition in the Murcian region and to establish itself as reference and support for future projects in the area of technological applications and considerations linked to Green Hydrogen in a variety of sectors. A sustainable development model aiming for a carbon-free economy supported by renewable energies, including green hydrogen.

This association was founded by Murcia Region companies which are industry leaders, such as Andamur, specialists in comprehensive freight transports in European routes, with a large gas station network in 9 countries, as well as cards for fuel, tolls, repairs and taxes; Enagás, main natural gas carrier and Technical Operator of Spain’s Gas System; Grupo Primafrio, leading company in refrigerated transport of fruit and vegetable and pharmaceutical products; and Soltec, leading firm specializing in comprehensive photovoltaic solar energy solutions, with a special focus on solar tracking systems and innovation. All of them are supported by Cetenma, Murcia’s Energy and Environment Technology Center and Technical Lead for this association.

AHMUR was created to promote scientific analyses and research for implementation of projects based on renewable energies and green hydrogen. AHMUR focuses on serving as an instrument to inform and raise awareness amongst citizens. The aim is to give rise to a collective consciousness that fosters the use of clean energies and green hydrogen as a feasible alternative in order to reduce emissions and put an end to the negative consequences of today’s climate change.

On the other hand, this association intends to foster projects based on clean energies and green hydrogen, supporting public-private collaboration for dissemination and implementation of projects based on these technologies. In this regard, the draft for Murcia’s first hydrogen station was completed and successfully presented on December 19.

Some of the main aspects addressed by the Founding Assembly were the presentation and approval of the 2021 action plan; the appointment of key association positions; the approval of the 2021 budget; AHMUR’s assessment of other national and European associations in the area of green hydrogen and green hydrogen valleys; as well as the evaluation, and if applicable presentation to MITECO (Spain’s Department of Environmental Transition and Demographic Challenge), of the first green hydrogen projects in the Region of Murcia.