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SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation for project developer Isolux Corsan.
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SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation.

Soltec signs 142-MW contract with Endesa for project in Extremadura (Spain)

Soltec signs 142-MW contract with Endesa for project in Extremadura (Spain)

Soltec confirms good business evolution and further increases operating backlog with this new project for supply of solar trackers and construction services
Project completion is scheduled for 2021, including the supply of all 2-in-portrait SF7 bifacial trackers, the most advanced model on the marketplace
This project is expected to create over 1,000 jobs in the region and to further expand the use of renewable energies, thus preventing the emission of 284,000 metric tons of CO2


Soltec announces a new contract with Endesa for supply of equipment and construction services to a 142-MW photovoltaic plant between the municipalities of Almendralejo and Merida, in the Region of Extremadura (Spain).

Within the framework of this project, Soltec will supply Endesa with state-of-the-art bifacial trackers: The SF7, considered the most advanced 2-in-portrait tracker in the market.

This new agreement with Endesa, which schedules project completion this year, allows Soltec to continue increasing its backlog, which was at a record high in late 2020 and has further grown in 2021.  According to data from December 31, 2020, Soltec Industrial had a backlog of €190 million and a pipeline of €2.665 billion.

According to Raul Morales, CEO at Soltec:

“This contract consolidates our good relationship with Endesa, which we consider a key partner. The fact that this project will be developed in Spain is important for Soltec and makes us happy because in addition to being one of our strategic target markets, it allows us to foster the use of clean energies in our country.

This project will contribute to the development of local communities through both a social action program and a specific employment and training program. In Soltec, we believe that the economic and social development of local communities is paramount within the framework of energy transition.”


About Soltec 

Soltec s is a leading company specialized in integrated photovoltaic solar energy solutions, focusing on solar tracking systems and strongly committed to innovation.

Soltec Power Holdings, with headquarters in Murcia (Spain), was created in 2004 and operates in a variety of world areas, with a strong presence in Spain, North America and Latin America. It currently operates in 16 countries and employs over 1,320 people. Ever since its creation and until late 2020, Soltec has supplied solar trackers for projects amounting to 8.4 GW of installed capacity. The company is listed on Spain’s Stock Exchange since October 28, 2020 under the ticker ‘SOL’.