• The tracker adds a 1-in-vertical configuration with two connected rows to the company’s product portfolio. Its 1P configuration, thanks to a lower structure, allows it to reduce visual impact. S...

2016 | NORTH AMERICA | USA | 38 MW
SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation for project developer Isolux Corsan.
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SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation.

Soltec presents SF7 Tandem, the first two-row solar tracker with a 2-in-portrait configuration

Soltec presents SF7 Tandem, the first two-row solar tracker with a 2-in-portrait configuration

The SF7 Tandem reduces the number of motors and controllers by half, reducing costs. Its system connection with a cardan joint at a height of 1.80 meters allows the passage of vehicles and cleaning robots

Soltec, leading manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers, launches its SF7 Tandem tracker. This is the first tracker on the market to be linked in a 2-in-portrait (2P) configuration every two rows. This model is an implementation of its standard solar tracker, the SF7. The characteristics of this solar tracker combine the best of the 2P trackers with the best of the two-row trackers, while reducing installation and operation costs.

The SF7 Tandem has a cardan that acts as an axle to join both trackers and is installed at a height of 1.8 meters, allowing vehicles to pass between the trackers. In this way, maintenance and cleaning of the power plant can be carried out more quickly, easily, and effectively regardless of weather and climate conditions.

“With the SF7 Tandem we want to ensure the best service to our customers by reducing costs and installation times”, explains Raul Morales, CEO of Soltec. “This tracker keeps the best characteristics of our standard SF7 with the features of  a two-row solar trackers”, he clarifies.

This tracker model connected in two-rows also has the TeamTrack 2.0 to maximize the generation of the solar power plant. This system includes an asymmetrical backtracking that considers land inclination and characteristics, daytime and season. Soltec’s TeamTrack allows for cost reduction in projects with slopes or non-uniform land. This system does not require maintenance.

With 20% fewer components, 45% less drives and 50% fewer engines in the tracker controller than a 1P tracker, the SF7 Tandem is faster to install. This results in reduced costs and installation times.


About Soltec:

Soltec employs over 1,600 professionals and has 16 years’ experience in the manufacture of complete solar tracking systems. The company operates in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, United States, Spain, India, Italy, Israel, Mexico and Peru. Soltec, a company strongly committed to renewable energies and environmental preservation, allocates significant resources and efforts to innovation, product standardization and customer satisfaction.