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SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation for project developer Isolux Corsan.
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SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation.

Soltec to impress at Intersolar Europe with its latest technology: SF8 y SFOne

Soltec to impress at Intersolar Europe with its latest technology: SF8 y SFOne

SF8 is the largest tracker on the market and achieves 8.6% more energy than its competitors
SFOne is Soltec’s most recent launch with a commitment to 1P multi-row configuration technology

Soltec will be present at Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, taking place at the Messe München exhibition centre in Munich, Germany. The Spanish company will be showcasing its latest technology in photovoltaic solar tracking with its newest launch, the SFOne tracker, which represents Soltec’s new commitment to 1P multi-row technology. It will also exhibit the SF8 tracker, its most innovative bifacial tracker.

Both SFOne and SF8 reflect the company’s commitment to innovation and its desire to respond to the demands of its customers and the market.

SF8, launched in 2020, embodies the new generation of Soltec trackers. This tracker stands out as optimally equipped for adverse weather conditions thanks to its unique configuration consisting of at least 2×60 and between 4 and 6 strings, with a multidrive transmission system within the tracker structure and improved geometry. The configuration also features improved design: it has 5.16% fewer parts, and its bifacial technology optimises energy production, achieving 8.6% more compared to its counterparts on the market.

In conjunction with its SFOne, Soltec will also present its new commitment to 1P multi-row configuration trackers. This is notable for being among trackers offering the greatest adaptability to terrains and environments. In addition, Soltec has the most advanced technology for the design of wind-resistant structures: the Dy-Wind system; and the Diffuse Booster system, optimal for low light conditions and permitting better solar panel performance compared to others on the market. Another key feature of this new product is its lower operational cost thanks to its ease of installation, reducing installation time by 75%.

Soltec had already opted for 1P technology back in 2009 with the launch of the SA Series tracker. Now, it has decided to return to this technology and experience to respond to the needs of the market, again demonstrating its commitment to its customers and to meeting all their demands by expanding its portfolio.

Intersolar Europe is a key stage for companies in the sector to present their latest technology, and Soltec is bringing its most innovative developments to promote progress in the photovoltaic industry and provide its expertise of more than 17 years in this market. All with the aim of continuing to promote the importance of renewable energies in society, in line with the European Union’s Green Recovery Plan, which seeks a definitive transition towards a climate-neutral economy that contributes to curbing global warming and climate change.