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2016 | NORTH AMERICA | USA | 38 MW
SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation for project developer Isolux Corsan.
bahia soltec solar pv panels tracking plant 158 MW - Soltec
SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation.


SF7 is Factory Serviced with dedicated customer project support in plant design and factory response, and onsite services including advisory presence, supervision, logistics, training, commissioning, and regionally available installation and O&M contracting.
  • Higher grade customer experience.
  • Project dedicated technical, logistics and quality control teams.
  • Factory service onsite specialists.
  • Tracker manufacturing and supply annual capacity 3 GW.
  • Global supply with regional operations and stock.
Choose your plan
  • Factory Support Plan
    • Product workshop
    • Installation training
    • Technical e-support
    • Functional testing e-support

  • Onsite Advisory Plan
    • Onsite Product workshop
    • Onsite Installation training
    • Logistics and handling advice
    • Construction and assembly advice
    • Quality guidance
    • Functional testing

  • Construction Plan
    • Tracker turnkey contracting
    • Construction document package
    • Logistics and handling
    • Construction Pullout testing
    • HSE and QC
    • Functional Testing

Standard Commissioning 5 MW/day (available extension up to 10 MW/day)

Soltec project engeneering for Solar tracker systems
Project Engineering
Factory designed with yield in mind. Our expert engineers work on each project with an eye toward optimizing yield. That dedication ensures that Soltec delivers the most cost-effective single-axis tracker solution for the highest return on your project investment.
Each project is unique. Soltec plant designers work closely with you to optimize your project site while keeping costs low. Our project engineering services include:
  • Factory based application engineers layout each site for highest-yield and greatest land-use.
  • Dedicated project managers work with you from start to finish for a seamless transition through every phase.

Soltec is supplying and installing trackers for Isolux in the Kayenta PV Plant project.

Onsite Services
Soltec’s Onsite Services are unrivaled in the industry with 15 years’ history in solar construction. Services include advisory, logistics, training, commissioning, and regionally available installation and O&M contracting.
The Onsite Advisory Plan service is cost-effective for many of our customers. Onsite Soltec staff will guide your A-team through the details of logistics, site-work, and equipment installation in construction, leaving your team the additional scope of supervision, execution, and management they know so well. Soltec’s Pull Out Testing Service is not-common amongst tracker suppliers, but has become a common choice of Soltec customers to most simply reduce investment risk and conform with due diligence criteria in the pre-construction phase.
Soltec Solhub
Solhub factory service
Standard factory service includes the innovative Solhub warehousing and logistics system that delivers unitized tracker components onsite just-in-time with no intermediary handling companies, and minimal additional onsite material handling.
The stock-inventory and shipping activity of five global factory warehouse locations are synchronized with regional operations and customer project schedules to provide the highest-grade customer experience of reliable lead-times and least onsite handling.
Solhub combines with Soltec’s 5 GW annual manufacturing capacity to meet customer needs in large-scale solar tracker project supply.
Training Service
Training enables successful partnerships. Soltec training service connects factory expertise and 15 years’ solar construction history with customer project needs to assure they meet their project schedules, keep their costs contained, and achieve their quality criteria.
Whether onsite or online, our factory experts deliver training services that resolve issues both in prevention mode and with urgent response.
soltec commissioning
Soltec Onsite Services include commissioning protocols performed by specialized engineers to assure meeting crucial commercial operations deadlines and long-term operating reliability. For planning reference, Soltec delivers a typical commissioning execution rate of 5 MW/day, with available extension up to 10 MW/day.

Soltec is supplying and installing trackers for Isolux in the Kayenta PV Plant project.

Installation service
Customer demand for installation contracting and execution varies regionally, Soltec responds with turnkey service of our equipment along with regional stocking capacity that has proven to meet both short-fuse and short landing strip situations. Nobody does it better.
Customer advantage is increased both in best assuring project success and demonstration of their solidarity to improve local economies where Soltec hires people and may create facilities in response to demand.
Solmate after-sales service
Solmate is Soltec’s new customer service, we launched a new platform to offer the best warranty, care, and operation and maintenance to our customers. With local infrastructures in countries such as Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Spain, Chile, and Australia, as well as Solhub warehouses across the globe to initiate rapid management of spare parts, Soltec guarantees the best and fastest response to any operation event.