Soltec supplies 150 MW of SF Utility solar trackers in the USA.

Soltec Power Holdings
May 25, 2016

Soltec achieves 1 GW of annual project sales in Latin America and the US
Soltec, a leading manufacturer of single-axis solar trackers, will supply the SF Utility single-axis solar tracker for a 150 MW project in the United States. This project, together with others in Latin American countries, adds up to sales of 1 GW for the coming year.

For this project, Soltec has redesigned its tracker to adapt to weather conditions characterised by heavy snowfall, sub-zero temperatures and the risk of flooding. Thus, Soltec's R&D team has improved its electronics for temperatures that can reach 40 degrees Celsius below zero. In addition, the structural strength of the solar tracker has been increased and intelligent snow accumulation management and flood control systems have been added.

"To adjust to the local climate, our R&D team has developed a unique design of the supports to maintain the stability of the tracker under large amounts of snow and to be driven into frozen ground. With these innovations, SF Utility has been configured to produce power at maximum output even in the harsh North American winters," says José Manuel Teruel, R&D director at Soltec.

"We are proud to have signed our first contract in the USA, and how our engineers have been able to respond to the challenges presented by this project. We are also very pleased with our excellent sales growth which meets expectations and demonstrates that SF Utility and the Soltec team are on track to achieve the goals set for the Americas," said Raul Morales, CEO of Soltec.

Whether in the steeply sloping rocky deserts of South America or enduring the heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures of the northern United States, Soltec continues to innovate its SF Utility tracker to adapt to all environmental conditions and meet the needs of its customers.


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