Soltec suministra sus seguidores solares a la planta más grande de Colombia

Soltec supplies its solar trackers to the largest plant in Colombia

Soltec Power Holdings
June 14, 2018

It continues its internationalisation process by supplying 86 MW of solar trackers in the Department of Cesar.
Soltec, a leading manufacturer of single-axis solar trackers, will supply 2,776 units of its photovoltaic equipment for an 86.2 MW power plant in the Department of Cesar, northern Colombia.

The SF7 trackers will mount around 250,000 solar modules to follow the course of the sun and optimise its performance. The plant will generate an annual average of 176 GWh of clean energy, making it the largest solar installation in Colombia. The photovoltaic plant is currently under construction and will be operational by the end of 2018.

"Currently, Colombia's power generation relies heavily on hydroelectric power plants, which can be a real problem in times of drought. This could be solved by supplementing with solar energy, which would also contribute to lower electricity prices," says Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec.

With this project, Soltec continues to strengthen its position in the Latin American solar tracker market, with more than 2 GW supplied in the region. "Soltec continues its global expansion process, and our results in Latin America are especially gratifying", adds Morales.

Cesar's PV tracking plant will be equipped with a wireless communication system and a patented self-powering system. "Our self-powering solution harnesses a small part of the energy produced to power each tracker at a very low operational cost," reports Soltec's head of R&D, José Alfonso Teruel. "Therefore, our self-powered system does not affect the plant's energy production.

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