Soltec adapta su seguidor solar a un eje SF Utility a condiciones climáticas extremas

Soltec adapts its SF Utility single-axis solar tracker to extreme weather conditions

Soltec Power Holdings
April 11, 2016

New features mean it can withstand sub-zero temperatures and respond quickly to high winds, heavy snowfall and frost.
Soltec, a leading manufacturer of single-axis solar trackers, has adapted its SF Utility tracker to the extreme conditions of the continental climate, with its hot summers, cold winters, strong winds, heavy snowfall (up to 24 grams per centimetre) and high temperatures.3) and frost. The electronic devices have been adapted for temperatures as low as -40°C.°C and the time for the tracker to move to the defence position has been reduced. In addition, the structural load has been increased and an intelligent control system for snow clearance has been added.  

"It is always a challenge to deal with extreme weather conditions. In the past, we adapted our tracker to the desert, and now to the continental climate where heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures define the design. Our R&D team has redesigned the electronics and a new high-speed motor moves the tracker from maximum tilt (60˚) to horizontal (0˚) in less than three minutes," says José Manuel Teruel, R&D Manager at Soltec.

To cope with heavy snowfall, Soltec has used more robust steel and modified the dimensions of the tracker. In addition, the SF Utility incorporates a new system for automatic snow removal.

"We have developed unique pile-drives to maintain the stability of the tracker under large amounts of snow and to be driven on frozen ground. The electronics have been adapted to very low temperatures, and we have added the device that manages snow accumulation. We are pleased to offer advanced and innovative solutions at reasonable prices," said Raul Morales, CEO of Soltec.

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