Soltec obtiene el sello Anatel para su comunicación vía radio

Soltec obtains the Anatel seal for radio communication

Soltec Power Holdings
November 03, 2017

Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), which is independent of the Ministry of Communications, has awarded its certification seal to the electronic system that monitors the single-axis solar trackers of Soltec.
This seal guarantees Soltec customers in Brazil that the installation and use of their solar trackers with a radio communication system comply with current regulations in terms of safety and regulated technical functionalities. These certifications extend both to products manufactured within the country and to imported products, thus guaranteeing compatibility with local equipment.

According to Soltec's R&D manager, José Alfonso Teruel, "the wireless communication network that our team has developed allows real-time information exchange between each solar tracker and the central control, reducing the time and cost of the installation and facilitating maintenance operations".

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