Soltec inicia la instalación de 84.7 MW de seguidores solares en España

Soltec begins installation of 84.7 MW of solar trackers in Spain

Soltec Power Holdings
October 25, 2018

Soltec returns home to help meet Spain's 20% renewable energy target for 2020
Soltec has begun installing its equipment at an 84.7 MW photovoltaic power plant in Spain.

Other projects in the country are on the near horizon, as the European Renewable Energy Directive sets a target of 20% of final energy consumption to come from renewable sources by 2020, a target that Spain will meet or exceed.

Located in the Region of Murcia, the photovoltaic power plant will benefit from high solar irradiation and optimal climatic conditions. Adding value to the project are the Soltec headquarters and the Solhub logistics centre, which are located just a few kilometres from the construction site. A total of 2,900 units of the Soltec SF7 single-axis solar tracker will be installed.

Corporate Social Responsibility is playing an important role in this project. Soltec has trained local staff in solar plant construction, and in addition people with disabilities will carry out appropriate tasks.

The cabling will be underground and there will be an ecological corridor for the passage of animals, measures that will minimise the environmental impact of the plant.

"Our solar tracker is designed to reduce installation time and material. In addition, SF7's standard features reduce ground levelling and emissions during construction. SF7 has fewer parts, requires fewer installation operations and has a higher tolerance of construction variables, among other advantages," explains Raul Morales, CEO of Soltec.

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