Soltec expondrá su seguidor SF7 Bifacial en Genera 2020

Soltec to exhibit its SF7 Bifacial tracker at Genera 2020

Soltec Power Holdings
February 06, 2020
The Spanish solar tracker manufacturer will be exhibiting at stand 10C06 at the Genera International Energy and Environment Trade Fair. This tracker, which collects energy from both the front and the back, allows an increase in energy production of up to 16%.

Soltec, a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of solar tracking equipment for photovoltaic panels, will be exhibiting its SF7 Bifacial tracker at the new edition of Genera, the International Energy and Environment Trade Fair, at stand 10C06.

The fair, organised by IFEMA in collaboration with the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) and which will take place in Madrid from 5 to 7 February, will revolve around the strategic axes of Sustainability, Innovation and Business.

Soltec, in line with its commitment to these three axes, will exhibit at Genera the SF7 Bifacial, which has bifacial modules and manages to increase energy production by up to 16%. This Soltec tracker collects energy from both the front and the back, as it captures the sunlight reflected from the ground below the solar tracker. In addition, it has a higher module mounting height, which reduces the intensity of the shadow from the tracker itself and maximises bifacial performance. This also avoids the main disadvantage of other competitors: the shadow of the shaft on the back of the bifacial panel.

According to Soltec's latest white paper, The Bifacial Year, SF7 Bifacial trackers in 2-in-vertical (2P) configuration achieve 2.1% more bifacial gain than the same in 1-in-vertical (1P) configuration. In this technical report, the BiTEC (Bifacial Tracker Evaluation Center) analysis centre carries out a summary of all the variables analysed over the course of a year to better understand the impact they have on bifacial gain with the aim of optimising the performance of bifacial modules.

BiTEC is a bifacial tracking evaluation centre located in Livermore, California, and opened in 2018 by Soltec. It is the first centre dedicated to the research and evaluation of bifacial trackers.

The Genera fair is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges of the renewable and sustainable energy sector. This edition is being held under the slogan "Integrating energies for a sustainable future" and in addition to the exhibitors of the different brands, it will offer parallel conferences related to renewable energies, distribution, energy efficiency and its main applications, such as storage, self-consumption and mobility.

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