Soltec entre las 500 empresas españolas que lideran el crecimiento empresarial del país según CEPYME

Soltec among the 500 Spanish companies that lead the country's business growth according to CEPYME

Soltec Power Holdings
November 20, 2019
The company from Murcia, selected by the CEPYME500 list

Soltec, a manufacturer and supplier of solar tracking equipment for photovoltaic panels, has been selected by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME) as a CEPYME500 Company 2019. This means that Soltec forms part of the 500 companies that stand out in view of criteria relating to the results obtained in recent years in terms of growth, the capacity to generate activity and employment and the potential for innovation and international projection.

CEPYME thus certifies that Soltec has met the established criteria in terms of turnover, sustained growth, size and profitability. In order to grant this certificate, CEPYME rigorously evaluates the companies to be able to be among these 500 leading companies.

The CEPYME500 companies are part of a printed yearbook where you can access the main financial data of these companies, a brief history of their origins, interviews with their representatives, main achievements and future projects.

Together with this publication, CEPYME has developed a portal to give visibility to the CEPYME500 companies (, where you can access the data and information on the different companies selected by the Confederation indicated above.


Soltec has a workforce of more than 1,500 people and 15 years' experience as a manufacturer of complete solar tracking equipment. The company is present in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, USA, Spain, India, Italy, Israel, Mexico and Peru.

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