Soltec desembarca en Australia

Soltec lands in Australia

Soltec Power Holdings
November 17, 2017

Europe's leading solar tracker manufacturer continues its international expansion in the Asia-Pacific region with a new subsidiary in Sydney.

Soltec, a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar tracking for large-scale projects, is expanding with an office in Sydney to serve the Australian solar market. This new subsidiary will manage all Soltec's activities in the southern country, just as it has done in other countries during the company's 14-year history as a specialist in photovoltaic tracking.

After the success achieved in the Americas, with more than 2 GW of solar trackers both delivered and in progress, Soltec continues to execute its investment plan in growing solar markets.

"Australia is a pioneer in renewable energy and the market is now favouring the continuation of this situation," said Javier Vidal, Soltec's Asia-Pacific (APAC) business development manager. "We are encountering an excellent response to our product, the solar tracker SF7. It highlights its greater adaptability to the terrain as a competitive advantage because it means that it can be installed where other trackers cannot.

Soltec now has facilities and personnel working in all the regions where it implements projects to ensure their success, while at the same time being committed to improving local economies. This new office, registered as Soltec Australia Pty Ltd with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, joins the company's other subsidiary in the APAC region in New Delhi, India.

"The SF7 tracker ensures a more cost-effective installation because it is the solar tracker with the lowest number of pins per MW. In addition, Soltec is strategically prepared for large-scale projects thanks to a annual manufacturing capacity of 2.5 GW"said Soltec CEO Raul Morales.

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