PV Plant in Arizona
2016 | USA | 38 MW
SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation for project developer Isolux Corsan.
bahia soltec solar pv panels tracking plant 158 MW - Soltec
PV Plant in Bahia
2016 | BRAZIL | 158 MW
SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation.

Soltec to supply its SF Utility Tracker for a 38 MW project in the Navajo Nation

Kayenta Soltec SF utility tracker

Soltec to supply its SF Utility Tracker for a 38 MW project in the Navajo Nation

Soltec lands the singular project at Kayenta AZ, the Gateway to Monument Valley

Soltec, a market leading manufacturer and supplier of Solar PV tracking equipment and services, will supply 38 MW’s of its SF Utility Single-Axis Tracker in the landmark solar PV project at the Gateway to Monument Valley.

Kayenta Monument Valley is a scenic landscape and a particular challenge of this project was to maintain the natural environment of the location during installation. Along with greater cost effectiveness, SF Utility’s land-use enabling features and wide installation tolerances greatly reduce land grading. Isolux Corsan Group is the company responsible of the engineering, procurement, and construction of Kayenta Solar Plant.

“For the Kayenta project, we will supply our cable management solution that runs PV array cabling within the tracker torque tube and results in savings on trays, trenching and installation labor. Our Wireless Mesh communication network provides real-time data between each tracker and central control with less material cost and installation labor,” said José Alfonso Teruel, R&D Manager at Soltec.

Also supplied in this project, the SF Utility Self-Powered solution imposes zero impact on available array active-area, and it minimizes operational power expenses over the life of the power plant.

“We are proud to have landed this unique project on the Navajo Nation. In addition to meeting cost effectiveness criteria, we were able to do so and also achieve low environmental impact and a very short timeline to supply and install” said Raúl Morales, CEO Soltec.