PV Plant in Arizona
2016 | USA | 38 MW
SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation for project developer Isolux Corsan.
bahia soltec solar pv panels tracking plant 158 MW - Soltec
PV Plant in Bahia
2016 | BRAZIL | 158 MW
SF Utility tracker equipment supply and installation.

Soltec Supplies SF Utility Trackers for Utility-Scale Test Bed with Bi-Facial PV Modules

Soltec tracker Bi-Facial PV Modules

Soltec Supplies SF Utility Trackers for Utility-Scale Test Bed with Bi-Facial PV Modules

SF Utility’s unique application tolerance features enable cost-effective research and higher yield with bi-facial PV modules

Soltec has supplied SF Utility Tracker equipment and installation service to an Enel Green Power project in Latin America that is the first solar tracker application of bi-facial PV modules. Ground reflectance of solar radiation at this location can effectively increase instantaneous module power by up to 10-15% using bi-facial PV modules.

The concept is simple: the PV cells within the module have two opposite faces, one directed towards the sun like always, but the other directed backwards where ground reflected radiation can also be also harvested. Arid and semiarid regions are ideal for this application.

“Bi-facial cell modules use both global radiation (direct plus diffuse) and reflected radiation (albedo). The SF Utility Tracker has a specific design for bi-facial installations that incorporates strategic gaps between modules in order to allow additional sunlight to reach the ground surface for reflected radiation. This slight array alteration combined with the fact that SF Utility stands seven feet tall makes for the best possible use of land surface for sunlight reflection. Higher whiteness and reflected sunlight under bi-facial modules will result in higher yield,” said José Alfonso Teruel, R&D Head of Soltec.

Sf Utility requires the fewest piles of any tracker in the market with just 7 piles per tracker row. Fewer piles and wider row spacing provide more area and fewer obstructions for cleaning and maintenance of the bi-facial modules. This results in lower O&M costs.

Soltec CEO Raul Morales said, “Soltec strives to innovate and offer economical tracking systems. Our products are innovated not only to enhance performance but also to reduce installation costs and support customers in achieving higher returns.”